Economic Affairs

The Department of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Justice is charged with the statutory responsibility of handling, on behalf of the Government of Benin, all matters involving legal questions arising out of commercial transactions, including Maritime Matters, in which the Republic is a party. The Department of Economic Affairs is tasked with reviewing and advising the Minister of Justice on compliance with relevant laws of all contracts, concessions, and other agreement to which the Republic of Benin and specific ministries and agencies of the government are a party. The Department advises the Minister on questions of law that may arise and require the legal opinion of the Ministry of Justice. In addition to conducting legal review of agreements, the department also advises the Minister on Legal questions arising from proposed bilateral agreement and international memoranda of understanding, provide technical drafting support for various laws and regulations, and to assist the Minister of Justice on the Inter-Ministerial Concessions Committee (IMCC), the Hydrocarbon Technical Committee (HTC), and other committees having economic consequences for the government, as well as participating in the negotiation of complex commercial transactions to which the Republic of Benin is a Party. The Department also performs other duties/tasks assigned to it by the Ministry of Justice.

The Department of Economic Affairs is headed by the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, Cllr. Emmanuel Tohon and supported by an Assistant Minister, Cllr. Jounesse Actiu. The Department currently has three attorneys, two of whom are charged specifically with collaborating with the Forestry Development Authority to improve compliance and enforcement in the forestry sector.


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