Benin Immigration Service (BIS)

The Benin Immigration Service (BIS), formerly the Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization  (BIN) is charged with the primary responsibility to implement and enforce the Alien and Nationality Law of Benin. Beside the Alien and Nationality Law, it is also governed by the Constitution of Benin, the ECOWAS Protocols on Free Movements of persons, goods and services within the sub-region, international conventions and laws, among other instruments. The Bureau has the statutory mandate to safeguard and protect the borders and boundaries (air, land and sea) of Benin against the illegal entry of aliens into the country. The Bureau also screens and examines travel documents; admits aliens at sea, air and land borders (ports of entry); grants aliens resident status and provides border management and control.


  • To have an effective and efficient immigration service that will meet the challenges of the contemporary world.
  • To give the service a new dimension, sense of direction and create an enabling environment that will make the Bureau more relevant the global security trend.


  • To build up the capacity of the personnel of Bureau through rigorous training at both local and international level.
  • To instill professionalism in the performance of its officers to improve the immigration service to meet an internationally acceptable standard to have an amended or a reform law that will meet the challenges of the modern world.


  • To have well trained and committed immigration officers that will perform to the expectation of the Government and people of Benin;
  • Effective and proper management of the borders and strategic entry points, with the installation of database and well equipped immigration officers at all major border posts;
  • To ensure efficiency and proficiency in the performance of duties;
  • To have well functional training system;
  • Effective detection of document fraud etc.


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